Clinics & Services

Our doctors and nurses provide a wide range of services to all patients registered with the practice, including advice and referral as appropriate. The practice also provides the following additional services: cervical screening, contraceptive services, vaccinations and immunisations, child health surveillance, maternity services and minor surgery (eg removal of small skin lesions, freezing warts, injection of joints etc.).

Family Planning

A comprehensive, confidential service including the provision of emergency contraception is available within normal surgery hours. Appointments can be made with any of the doctors or practice nurses. A confidential service for younger people, known as the “step-in” clinic, is also available on a Wednesday afternoon.

Immunisations (children)

The practice encourages parents to ensure that their children are fully immunised before they reach school age. This gives maximum possible protection against a number of infectious diseases. Parents will be advised by their health visitor of the appropriate times to attend for these injections. Health visitors can also provide information and advice regarding immunisations.

Immunisations (adults)

The practice offers a full range of immunisations for adults including tetanus and influenza. The annual “flu jabs” are usually given in September or October. Patients are invited to attend according to criteria such as their age and whether or not they have conditions such as diabetes or asthma. Any patients who may be unsure about whether flu immunisation is advisable are asked to contact the practice nurses who will provide advice. The practice nurses also advise patients about immunisations and health protection with regard to travelling abroad.

Antenatal and Postnatal Care

Antenatal and Postnatal clinics are held within the practice and are usually arranged through the main GP reception. The antenatal clinics are run by the midwives, and are held weekly within the practice – please contact reception for further information.

Private Services

The practice is able to provide an extensive range of private medical services to individual patients and organisations. These include: medicals, certificates, non-NHS vaccinations, employment medicals and the treatment of works injuries. If medical examinations are needed in order to obtain certificates for driving taxis or heavy goods vehicles, or to certify fitness to undertake sports or to travel, then a special appointment must be made and a fee will be payable.

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