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The Castle Medical Group was formed on 1 April 2000 as the result of a merger between the Railway View and Castle Medical practices, both based in Clitheroe Health Centre since 1975. The practice is committed to providing healthcare to all members of the family.

The main surgery premises are in Clitheroe Health Centre, which we share with a neighbouring practice. The Health Centre includes a large treatment room, which is available to the public for the treatment of minor injuries. In addition, the practice has premises known as the “Annexe” at 6 Railway View Road, Clitheroe. Appointments for all surgeries should be booked through the main surgery – see below.

The doctors also look after their own patients in Clitheroe Community Hospital. Patients may be admitted from home, or alternatively, transferred from another hospital for post-operative care or rehabilitation. Facilities include an x-ray department and an out-patient department for the convenience of local people.

The practice is committed to developing the skills of doctors, nurses and other members of the team. We train medical students and doctors at various stages of their careers. We can also offer work experience placements to school students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. We are a recognised Training Practice for GP Specialty Trainees who are qualified doctors preparing to work in general practice, and Foundation Doctors working for a limited time in general practice as part of their hospital training. The qualified trainers in the practice are Dr Will Mackean, Dr Susie Owen, and Dr Mike Doherty.

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Tel: 01200 413535
Fax: 01200 427357

The Castle Medical Group
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