Meet the Staff


Dr Mike Doherty

Mike joined the practice on 1 October 2013, after working at a practice in Burnley for many years. Mike lives in the Ribble Valley, and is a trainer. Mike works for a day a week for the police service in forensic medicine. He is interested in musculo-skeletal medicine and the management of respiratory disease.

Dr Jennifer Fairwood

Jennifer joined the practice in July 2009, becoming a partner in 2010. She has taken responsibility for Respiratory Disease (asthma and COPD), together with Palliative Care.  Jennifer lives in the Ribble Valley and has worked in practices near Colne and in Longridge where she was a GP Registrar.

Dr Victoria Gauge

Victoria was a trainee at the practice and became a partner on 1 June 2013.  She has taken responsibility for the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), and has an interest in diabetes.

Dr Ian Ibbotson

Ian is another former GP Registrar in the practice.  Ian runs the occupational medicine service which he has developed over recent years.  He is the practice representative at East Lancashire Medical Services (GP out of hours), and represents the practice on the Treatment Room Committee.

Dr Will Mackean

Will is the final former GP Registrar in the practice.  Will qualified as a GP trainer in 2004.  He is the IT lead, and represents the practice on the GP Clinical Commissioning Group.  His particular area of clinical interest is mental health.

Dr Joanne Mellody

Joanne joined the practice as a GP Registrar in 2007, remained in the practice throughout 2008/9 as a GP Assistant, and became a partner in 2010. She has taken responsibility for coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease, and chronic kidney disease.

Dr Sunil Nedungayil

Sunil joined the practice in 2010, and was also a former trainee. He has a great deal of experience in orthopaedic medicine, and works part-time for the local musculo-skeletal service. He has recently taken on the role of Clinical Lead for the practice, and is also planning to become a GP Trainer.

Dr Susie Owen

Susie is a part-time partner, and GP Trainer. She is the staffing lead in the practice. Susie is one of the school doctors at Stonyhurst College. Her clinical areas are Women’s and Sexual Health.

Mr Phil Mileham
BA (Hons) AMSPAR Dip

Phil is the Managing Partner. He joined the practice in 1991 and became a business partner in April 2004.  Phil has overall responsibility for the running of the practice and the development of the business.  He also works for the local Clinical Commissioning Group as Management Lead for the Ribblesdale Locality

GP Assistants

We employ four doctors in the practice to assist the partners. Patients may book appointments directly with any of these doctors, although they work on a part-time basis and at different times during the week. Details of their surgery times are available at the reception.

Dr Sibylle Holch
Works on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Dr Kirsty McCreath
Works on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Dr Ismat Latif


Works on Monday and Tuesday

Dr Ebenezer Emerald


Works on Monday PM, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Practice Nurses

We have a team of Practice Nurses: Trudy Howe, Kate Hartley, Julie McShane, Eileen Sumner and Jane Shaw.  Appointments to see them should be made in advance by telephoning the main Health Centre. They provide ongoing care for patients with problems such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease. They also offer advice on immunisations, foreign travel, diet, exercise, smoking cessation and health promotion in general. The nurses also run minor illness clinics.

Administrative Staff

The Practice Manager is Julie Oliver who looks after the running of the practice. The Reception Team organise the appointments and surgeries, and are usually the first point of contact with the practice. Staff deal with requests for home visits, telephone calls, test results etc. The Administration Team undertake all the secretarial work, including referrals to hospital and letters to patients.

Members of the Reception and Administration Teams are authorised by the doctors to provide information to patients, and may well ask for further information when you call. Patients should be assured that all staff members are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the doctors.


The midwives are usually responsible for maternity care throughout a woman’s pregnancy and up to 28 days after the birth. The GP practice will normally inform the midwives when a woman becomes pregnant, and arrangements will be made for a midwife to visit her at home. This is an opportunity to discuss issues such as antenatal screening and possible options regarding the place chosen for delivery. The midwives work in teams that rotate between Royal Blackburn Hospital and the community. The midwives see women in antenatal clinics at the health centre (or hospital); they run parentcraft classes with the health visitors usually at 7-8 months of pregnancy, and they have close links with both GPs and hospital consultants. They may be contacted through the main practice telephone number. The midwives also see patients at Ribblesdale Children’s Centre

Telephone: 01200 413535

District Nurses

This team provides expert nursing care and advice to patients in their own homes, working closely with the doctors. The nurses are able to support patients in a number of ways, which may include help with wound care, caring for people following an operation, liaising with social services staff, providing access to aids and appliances, and caring for the terminally ill.

Telephone: 01200 413516

Health Visitors

This team offers advice on all aspects of child care and development. Health visitors run baby clinics and provide help and support for mothers and babies, taking over from the midwives around 2-3 weeks after the baby’s birth. Health Visitors work closely with medical staff to provide immunisations and developmental assessments for children. They can advise parents on issues such as breastfeeding, post-natal support and post-natal exercise.

Telephone: 01254 828000

Treatment Room Nurses

Patients can go there to receive treatment for very minor injuries, or they may be asked to attend for procedures such as blood tests, ECG’s or dressings. The doctors undertake minor operations in the Treatment Room, assisted by the nursing staff.

Mental Health Workers

The Ribble Valley has teams of specialist mental health workers including social workers, counsellors and psychological therapists. They are trained to provide confidential help and support to individuals of all ages with mental health problems using a range of therapeutic and counselling skills. They are accessed directly by GP referral.

Contact Details

Tel: 01200 413535
Fax: 01200 427357

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